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Introductory Thread (Read this thread first)

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1Introductory Thread (Read this thread first)  Empty Introductory Thread (Read this thread first) on Sat Sep 08, 2012 12:53 am

So you came here first? Good Job! If not you should feel terrible about yourself. Anyways, this thread contains information as to how the forum is laid out and where to look for basic information on gameplay.

Forum Layout
When you are registered, you should notice three major forum sections: Game Information, Play, and Other.

Game Information is where all information regarding gameplay mechanics and how to play is located. Make sure to view the "Faction Creation Thread" after reading this, and view the rest of the section at your leisure.

Play is where all interactions will occur. Faction threads will also be included in this section. Each player will be included into a usergroup with access to a sub-forum viewable only by that player and the admins/moderators. This will replace the role that PM's served in Innate Nations and prior iterations of IN.

Other will serve as a section for OOC discussions and those unrelated to the game.

There is also a fourth section, called Admin but most of you should never ever see it.

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