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The Shiran Empire

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The Shiran Empire and Clan Shia

The Shiran Flag
The Shiran Empire ShiranFlag-1

Symbolism of the Flag:
The 'Star' is the Black Lotus the long standing Symbol of Shir, Each division around the Lotus represents a district clan. With Clan Shia being in the bottom left with the lone star representing Castle District. The Rays of Sun represent the Emperor and how he Shines over all his people and thus unites them together.

Colors: Blue and Black

Point Distribution
Military (0)
Guilds (0)
Order (1)
Intelligence (2)
Industry (2)
Religion (1)
Magic (0)

Faction Specials

The Sapphire Restoration:
Kanji Shia's Policies have made Shir a modernized power in the region. Those Policies have continued and the Shiran people continue onwards on their quest to make Shir worthy of the Imperial title it carries. Unfortunately the Shiran people's Jingoism means in a more multicultral setting almost nothing can be done without conflict.
[Happiness Bonus/Penalty based on origin of controlled cities and population/culture makeup]

The Black Lotus:
Named for the unique flower that grows along the coast of the Dragon's Eye the Black Lotus is a guild like no other. Instead of monopolizing trade or a particular craft they are an Assassin's Guild, Highly trained and with a singular purpose, control over Mana Crystals and other rare resources. The Guild's loyalties lie to Clan Shia and is often used in efforts of Subterfuge and sabotage to both stabilize Shir and obtain the rare resource for their own ends.
[Shiran Empire gains bonuses on Covert Actions, especially those concerning resources]


Imperial Council

Faction Description

Shir is situated on the Dragon's Eye, a long dormant volcano whos caldera was filled in to become a lake. The Capitol itself is situated on Dragon Island, a small Island situated on the center of said lake. The city's area of influence extend into the valleys and mountains around the Dragon's Eye where most of the farming and mining for the city is done.

The Shiran people are a hard untrusting people. Many if not all are devoted to the Shiran Faith, Worship of the God Emperor Shiro. They Follow the teachings of their emperor very closely thus leading to a distrust of foreign powers which has developed into borderline racism. Many Shirans see themselves as outright superior than others and feel their strict code of Loyalty, "Emperor, Clan, Shir" helps to make them strong against foreign nations that would otherwise take advantage of the Emperor's chosen people.

The Shiran Capitol is called Severus. Named by Shiro on his arrival Severus has grown from a cluster of ill constructed shanties and huts to a bustling city. The city's districts are organized into concentric rings. The largest ring being Harbor District runs along the coast and is the only district to not have an exterior wall due to it being predominatly coastal. Next is Market district where much of the trading and crafting of Severus is located. Inside Market is Industrial, A glorified circle of factories that takes up half of market district on its northern end. The next districts are the twin Temple and Terrace districts which house the cities temple and upper class residents respectively within the same ring. In the Absolute center is Castle District which as the name states is where the military is housed. The Jail is among the vital facilities housed underneath Castle district. Each of Severus's districts are set up on a higher level than the one before it having a terrace style construction. As one continues to the center of the city they must continue to ascend until reaching castle district making the already difficult task of taking Severus even harder. The last district in Severus is often called Dark district, it is an unofficial underground where the cities poor and downtrodden live situated under market and industrial districts. In Dark district the buildings are hollowed out caverns with tunnels between them serving as roads, These tunnels connect into harbor district or into industrial district through the sewers. The Sapphire Palace, the Emperor's residence is set away on the island towards the far eastern side where the Emperor's gardens are also located. The Palace itself is almost as tall as to match the height of Temple district despite its much lower foundation. When the sun rises over Severus it is seen rising from the palace, casting its rays on the God Emperor's Gardens. A sight that reminds many who come to Severus that the Heavens themselves pay homage to the one true Emperor.

City Location
The Shiran Empire ShirsLocation

The Emperor of Shir
and his Imperator, Leadership of the Empire

Shiro of Imperius (Emperor Shiro)
Description: The 'God' Emperor of Shir arrived on the Shore of the Dragon's Eye a flooded caldera of a volcano over a hundred years ago. The Man came to be known as Shiro, the God Emperor of the Shiran, his followers. The God Emperor in his reign established several clans within Shir to govern his lands. Under Shiro the clans grew powerful and soon began to war with each other. One such clan became bold enough to attempt an Assasination of the Emperor himself.

Shiro's throat was slit in the attempt and he was forced to the Sapphire Palace by his Council where he still lives to this day, rarely ever leaving. Recently there have been rumors that Shiro is actually long dead yet each time these rumors rise the Emperor returns to re-instill faith in his people. In matters of governance however Clan Shia, relatives of the Emperor himself by marriage rule the realm as his Imperators.

Kanji Shia (Player Character)High Imperator to the Emperor
Level 2 Governor [1]

The Emperor's voice, sword and justice as the title implies anyway. Kanji Shia is the High Imperator to the Emperor and for most purposes is the true Monarch of Shir. Kanji Shia took the Imperial throne after his brother died from mysterious circumstances. Kanji on taking the throne closed Shir's borders to what they were under his Father and began a massive undertaking to modernize Shir which for all intensive purposes has not stopped. The Man himself is highly intelligent if not a bit eccentric, treating many matters of governing the state as an experiment or project. Though from his experience ruling he now manages Severus, the Shiran Capitol with efficiency not seen since his grandfather. Like all of Clan Shia he is blue eyed and has salt-pepper hair despite his age. He is thought to be a likeable man and a fierce friend by those who know him.

Level 2 Governor [1] - Kanji Shia
Level 1 Governor [1] - Genji Soratani
Level 2 Agent [1] - Zurik Hojin
Level 2 Scholar [1] - Lu Tei
Level 1 Priest [1] - Tzin Shia

Severus [1]
(732, 760)
Pop: 10
Hap: 73 (40(Base) + 15(Bonus) + 10(Has Food) + 2(U) +2(L) + 4(Leader))
Rel: Shinra
G:0 L:1 A:2 T:2 U:1 M:0
FO:0 LU:0 ST:0 ME:0 FU:0 PM:0 MC:0


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