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Sovereignty of the Viridian Pyre

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Sovereignty of the Viridian Pyre
Sovereignty of the Viridian Pyre FlameIcon_zpscdd94b75

Viridian and Black

Point Distribution
Military: 1
Trade: 0
Order: 3
Intelligence: 0
Religion: 1
Industry: 1
Magic: 0

Faction Specials
  • Law Abiding: Because the Sovereignty of the Viridian Pyre was originally founded by military sailors, its citizens are naturally more lawful, organized, and structured. [Law institutions built by foreign powers within cities of the Sovereignty of the Viridian Pyre operate at 150% capacity, if friendly, or 50% capacity, if hostile. The population requirement for a city of the Sovereignty of the Viridian Pyre to enter a state of Lawlessness or Anarchy is doubled.]
  • Conservators of Peace: The founding principle of the Sovereignty of the Viridian Pyre was to root out and destroy criminals and scum wherever they were found. As such, conservators of the peace from the Sovereignty of the Viridian Pyre are more effective, but can never be used to harm enemy cities. [Law institutions built by the Sovereignty of the Viridian Pyre operate at 200% capacity and can never be hostile towards the host city.]

Faction Government Type
Military Dictatorship

Faction Description
The Sovereignty of the Viridian Pyre has its roots in various Veternitian nations. Decades ago, a united fleet from various nations was formed in order to deal with the pirate scourge known as Wolfgang der Pirat. While initially very successful in defeating the pirates' flotilla, during the final engagement, the great magical storms began. Wolfgang's ship was consumed in a giant viridian pyre, and several ships were warped away, ending up in the middle of an inland valley. Cut off from Veternita, Admiral Otto von Essen rallied the mix of sailors and built the settlement of New Essen where the ships had landed, salvaging them for lumber. Believing that God had spared Otto and his men and women, while choosing to smite Wolfgang with the greenish flames, Otto founded the Sovereignty of the Viridian Pyre, swearing to strike down scum wherever it was found.

Player Character
Margrave Otto von Essen [Governor 2]

In the years long past, the southwestern seas were ruled by Wolfgang der Pirat, notorious outlaw and self-declared pirate king. Operating a fleet of over a score of previously independent pirate ships, Wolfgang's organized fleet terrorized convoys of many Veternitian nations. Finally, the Veternitian nations had had enough. A united fleet of half again a score vessels from five different nations were brought together under the command of Admiral Otto von Essen, considered one of the most intelligent naval commanders of that time. The fleet set sail for the archipelago, specifically Hyginus Island, from which Wolfgang based his operations. Many pirates flocked to Wolfgang's cause in the fight against Otto's united fleet, but Otto was the more cunning commander, and soon had the upper hand over Wolfgang's own fleet. As cohesion broke down and pirates broke rank to save their own skin, the day was clearly Otto's. Wolfgang's flagship, along with a handful of loyal pirate ships, limped towards the nearest island with a score of Veternitian ships in pursuit, Otto's own flagship in the lead. Night had fallen and the remains of Otto's fleet rushed ahead to the bay where the pirates had put in, when the great magical storms first began. The seas began to boil as the ley lines shifted, and concentrated magical energy shot from dark clouds overhead into the seas. At first, many assumed it was just an ordinary lightning storm, but the frequency and coloration of the "lightning" strikes quickly escalated beyond anything even the most grizzled veterans of the sea had ever seen before. Bolts of purple, green, blue, and red shot from the sky to the sea and from the sea to the sky, destroying a few vessels in the initial confusion. As if to make matters worse, suddenly from the depths came a creature straight out of nightmare: a kraken. Many of the fleet, Veternitian and pirate alike, turned to fight the leviathan as it reared up and crushed a ship. The two flagships remained locked in combat, as if oblivious to the sudden dangers about them, circling one another, rocks and pitch and arrows flying betwixt the two. Suddenly, from the sea came a fire of greenish-teal. Rising high into the sky, as though a massive funeral pyre, it completely consumed Wolfgang's vessel. The pirate scourge finally cleansed, the blood faded from Otto's eyes and he realized the dire position his fleet was in. He rallied his men to the still burning wreckage of Wolfgang's flagship, and as they made for shore, the sea opened up into a giant maelstrom, swallowing five of the vessels. When Otto awoke, he was in a grassy valley at the base of an expansive mountain range. The five vessels which had been consumed lay scattered about the valley, each obviously wrecked beyond repair, but some still partially held together. All about, the magical storm was still apparent, though not nearly as severe as it had been at sea. It took many weeks, but using the partially destroyed ships, the surviving crews crafted a small settlement, which Otto named New Essen. Believing that God had smote Wolfgang and spared Otto and his men because of their cause, Otto founded the Sovereignty of the Viridian Pyre, a small Lordship dedicated to the eradication of scum and criminals. After six decades, the great magical storms finally began to subside. In his early sixties Otto had lost the gusto to lead armies, but had gained the wisdom to command an empire. He was ready to spread order and justice across the face of the island that had become his home, and perhaps beyond.

Other Leaders
Commander Ken Wieland [General 1]
Count Palatine Gustav Doch [Governor 2]
Landgrave Matthias Kränik [Governor 2]
Father Dante Thacker [Priest 1]
Michael Wagner [Scholar 1]

Cities and Settlements
  • New Essen
    • Type: City
    • Location: (800,1425)
    • Population: 11
    • Happiness: 61
    • Religion: Brotean
    • Holdings
      • Guild: 0
      • Law: 3
      • Agency: 0
      • Temple: 1
      • University: 1
      • Magic Academy: 0

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