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Teuthida the Architeuthis

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Teuthida the Architeuthis Urxhm

Colors: Orange and Black

Point Distribution
Military (1)
Guilds (0)
Order (2)
Intelligence (1)
Industry (1)
Religion (1)
Magic (0)

Faction Specials

Squidly Love <3
By the power of the Eternal Squid the residents of Teuthida stand strong and loyal to His Squidlyness. They love and honor their wonderful country.
[Bonus to Happiness based on amount of where the Squidlyness and The Lovely Squid is.]

Faith to the Eternal Squid
The residents of Teuthida are loyal not only to the leader but the Eternal Squid. Residents would not easily go against the country or allow anyone to.
[Teuthida is more resistant to Covert Actions as long as the majority of a population of the city are descendant under the Teuthida flag.]

Government Type

Faction Description

Leader Names
His Squidlyness: Kalmaar VI [1]
The Lovely Squid: Lura II [1]
The Young Squidles: Henry, Charles, and Beth

Grand Squid: C of C (PC) (Level 2 General)

Other Important Figures:

Henry Kalmaarson Level 1 General
Danielle Oceanna Level 1 Scholar [1]
Former GS: HPL Level 1 Priest [1]
Danse Macabre Level 1 Agent
Nyarp Nyagh! Level 2 Officer [1]

Kthul'a [1]
Pop: 10
Hap: 80 (40(Base) + 10(Has Food) + 4(L) + 2(T) + 2(U) + 2(Leader)) +10/+10(His Squidliness)/(The <3-ly Squid)
Rel: His Tentacular Embrace
G:0 L:2 A:1 T:1 U:1 M:0
FO:0 LU:0 ST:0 ME:0 FU:0 PM:0 MC:0


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