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The Kingdom of Quain

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1The Kingdom of Quain Empty The Kingdom of Quain on Sat Sep 29, 2012 6:56 am

The Kingdom of Quain
The Kingdom of Quain Quainf10
Colors: Red and Yellow

Faction Specials
The Triad
The religious doctrine of Quain states that the Priests, Magi, and Scholars are all equally important for the advancement and well being of the people of Quain, easing the normally tense conflicts that arise between the dueling disciplines that are Magic and Technology.
[There are no penalties to happiness due to the pressence of both high level Magic Academies and Universities in the same city]

The Maiden Queen
The unmarried regent is adored by the people of Quain as a pure and noble soul. Her mere presence in a city brings joy to the people there.
[+15 Happiness in the city the queen is present in]

Aristocracy overseen by Monarch

Faction Description
The Kingdom of Quain is one of the oldest organizations located on the islands, formed centuries ago by the remnants of a once great empire seeking refuge at sea. Prior to the great magic storms, The Kingdom of Quain was slowly weakening due to prolonged warfare with the now missing city states of the June Federation. In a sense, the storms were as much a blessing as they were a curse for the people of Quain for they finally brought an end to the decades of warfare that once plagued them. With the respite from the conflict and the relatively mild effects of the storms in their region, the people of Quain entered a sort of renaissance, although albeit stunted due to isolation.

Quain was known for its dual pursuit of both technology and magic and still is, with its universities and magic academies flourishing during the storms against all odds. Their Magi, while not the most skilled in the islands, are numerous and a force to be reckoned with despite the code they follow which forbids the use of magic to directly harm the populace of any other faction, allied or enemy. Through their capable magic and advanced tools, the core towns and cities of the kingdom have survived. Despite their advantages there is still a cause of great sorrow for the people of Quain, as the city of Calhon and it's outlying settlements have all been lost.

Spiritually, the people of Quain believe that a multitude of gods exist throughout the world, representing natural forces, magic, and even machines. In Quain, the gods who are thought to regulate Machines and Magic are particularly revered, however the mercantile gods are also favored. Despite the warlike history of their kingdom and former empire, Quain sees itself as ultimately being peaceful and orderly... at the very least internally if not externally.

The Regent of The Kingdom of Quain,
Lady Aleina

Level 3 Governor[1]

Born during the great magical storms, Aleina is the sole surviving member of the ruling family, coming to power less than a decade ago. Charismatic and strong-willed, she has brought Quain out of the storms as a stronger nation than it was when they began. This was not easy however as the death of her father nearly fractured the kingdom, with several lords and barons of the surrounding settlements threatening to overthrow impending rule by a who was just a young girl. In the end, while she managed to maintain her family's hold on the kingdom, the power of it within said kingdom was largely diminished and redistributed among the aristocrats as well as a few powerful organizations, such as the Magic Academies and Universities. With the storms over, the now twenty-two year old woman is keen on setting foot out into the world but also on protecting her own people. Many a fool within the kingdom has taken the unwed beauty to be timid and weak - easy to manipulate - only to be manipulated themselves into doing her bidding. Despite her abilities, she typically does not directly interfere with the affairs of the organizations within Quain. However, there is no way to predict how she will treat any foreigners who attempt to interfere with her plans.

Advisors to the Regent
Chief of the Military of Quain General Sid - Level 2 General
Representative of Magic Grand Mage of Quain: Sela - Level 3 Magi[1]
Representative of Industry Master Engineer: Harmon - Level 3 Scholar[1]
Representative of the Trading Partners Association for the Economical Development of Quain Master Trader Maria - Level 2 Trader[1]
Grand Priest of Quain Maester Nelson - Level 3 Priest[1]
Chief Baron of Lyodia Sir Clark - Level 2 Governor[1]
Chief Baron of Gladstone Lady Idelia - Level 2 Governor[2]
The Lords Mediator Sir Gunthry - Level 1 General
Chief Information Officer Slythix - Level 2 Agent[1]

2 X Level 0 Scholars[1][2]
1 X Level 0 Magi[2]
1 X Level 0 Trader[2]
2 X Level 0 Agents[1][2]
1 X Level 0 Priest[2]

Lyodia [1]
(1182, 717)
Pop: 21
Hap: 87 (40(Base) + 10(Has Food) + 6(L) + 4(T) + 4(U) + 2(M) + 6(Leader) + 15(Bonus))
Rel: Quain
G:1 L:3 A:1 T:2 U:2 M:1
FO:0 LU:0 ST:0 ME:0 FU:0 PM:0 MC:0

Gladstone [2]
(1234, 660)
Pop: 14
Hap: 66 (40(Base) + 10(Has Food) + 4(L) + 2(T) + 2(U) + 4(M) + 4(Leader))
Rel: Quain
G:1 L:2 A:0 T:1 U:1 M:2
FO:0 LU:0 ST:0 ME:0 FU:0 PM:0 MC:0

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