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The Court of Quain

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1The Court of Quain Empty The Court of Quain on Sat Sep 29, 2012 6:58 am

The great political court of Quain stands tall in the center of the capitol city, Lyodis. It consists of a single masonry tower, stretching almost 400 feet into the sky and capped with a glistening stained glass dome. From the ground floor, one can peer up at it and the many stories of ornate balconies; the structure is nearly hollow on the inside with only a few dozen small rooms circling the lower floors on the outside. The court has six entrances, each spaced equally apart and leading to the primary roads of the city. Seating for politicians, diplomats, and the people of Quain is available on the second and third balconies while those who wish to speak have their place on the raised platform situated at the center of the ground floor.

While the internal governing of Quain is handled largely by the Barons and Organizational Heads, the current Regent of Quain, Lady Aleina, is chiefly responsible for overseeing the military and any external/foreign relations.

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2The Court of Quain Empty Re: The Court of Quain on Sun Oct 07, 2012 11:38 pm

Fond tidings to the Kingdom of Quain.

We were pleasantly surprised to be sharing out island with another civilization, and we welcome the change from the isolation that new trade routes will bring.

But given the fluid nature of the post-Shroud world, we feel that it would be best to codify our borders before incursions by settlers leads to misunderstandings or open conflict.

The Court of Quain Politicalmap

It has been some surprise to learn the name you have for our island. Though Quain is shorter, and indubitably has a rich history behind it, our ancestors came to this land and named it Zemljá Étot, and that is the name we know it by.

As for our future borders, we note that there is no natural boundary for us to agree upon, and therefore make the following recommendations:

In the Western peninsula of Zemljá Étot, which you know as Quain, the border should be equidistant between your capital city of Quain and the Peerless Gorod Lyudi. Both sides may build fortifications along that border, provided that trade may pass freely between our lands.

In the Eastern peninsula, we have drawn the border in an attempt to grant you sufficient land to expand your sovereignty while ensuring that the border is far enough from out capital city. To the north of the border is land we claim for settlement as soon as we can regiment our fishing fleets.

To the Southeast, the three maiden islands of Zemljá Besplódnyj, Zemljá Vašmat’, and Zemljá Pustýiná are yours to settle, though you will probably desire to rename them.

To the North, Zemljá Naš and Zemljá Takżenaš will be ours. Even now, they may hold the crumbled remains of canals and paddocks from the time before the Shroud.
Or they may hold nothing. The things that wandered about under the cover of magical darkness held a considerable animosity for human works.

To the West, we lay claim to Zemljá Navétrennyj. It is imperative for our security and for the security of the trade routes we may establish with foreign nations.

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