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Basic Unit Listing

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1Basic Unit Listing Empty Basic Unit Listing on Mon Oct 01, 2012 12:30 pm

This contains units all players can acquire

Name - PP/Drav/Upkeep/Resource - Desciption
*Common units are thirty men in size

Pikemen - 5/9/2/Metals - A column of infantry armed with pikes. Good against cavalry, but weak against infantry and aerial units.
Archers - 5/9/2/Lumber - A column of archers armed with basic arrow/bolt firing weapons.
Infantry - 5/9/2/Metals - A column of lightly armored infantry typically carrying weapons such as axes, swords, and hammers. General purpose unit.
Heavy Infantry - 5/10/2/Metals - Heavily armored infantry. Due to their equipment they are not able to gain speed when a formation is broken.
Elite Infantry - 10/14/3/Metals - A well armed, armored, and trained column of infantry. Basic elite infantry use the same weapon set as infantry does.
Irregulars - 2/6/2/None - A group of unarmored fighters on foot with an assortment of ranged and melee weapons. Can not hold a formation.
Light Cavalry - 7/11/2/Metals - Infantry on horseback.
Lancers - 7/12/2/Metals - Cavalry armed with lances. Deals twice as much damage on charges but also takes twice as much.
Trebuchets - 10/13/3/Metals - A long-range siege engine that is used primarily to topple buildings and fortifications.

and of course,

Levies - 0/0/1/None - A group of unarmored, untrained, and poorly armed infantry. Typically only used in emergencies or to overwhelm an attacker at the defenders own cities.

From this you probably have an idea of what to base your own units around, especially at low tech/magic levels.

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