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Flower Faction

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1Flower Faction Empty Flower Faction on Mon Oct 01, 2012 9:01 pm

Faction Name

Point Distribution
2 Military, 1 Industry, 3 Magic

Faction Specials
[Magi can cast an extra level of spells. This applies to the calculation of maximum number of spells, but not to what level of spells a magi may cast]
[Magi take 1 less cycle to train and level up faster. When summoning a unit using a Magi, it costs 1 less Drav compared to the standard cost]

Faction Government Type

Faction Description

Flag/Banner & Colors: A greek cross with a crescent in lower right. Faction colors are green & purple & black.
Flower Faction PerCrucemCrescens

Motto: "Fine things are difficult."

A sect of rogue wizards from the western empire set out to the islands to set up a society wherein they could develop themselves each to be better men and women. They, along with some enterprising commoners who realized the value of living with magic-users, established a charter colony. Under the guidance of their leadership, the settlers built a successful town and lived as they do. The mages set up a system of fraternity and sorority focusing on formalizing the constant effort to continue higher moral development in their membership concurrent with magical studies. They encourage their commoners to also subscribe to their ideals.


Name: Alex Tojo-Pat

Class: Level 2 General

Despite being an only mediocre magician, Alex Tojo-Pat is a competent military leader who kept the White Lily settlement safe, and also showed some decision-making skill. As such, Tojo-Pat was deemed qualified and responsible enough to assume leadership of the settlement. Tojo-Pat intends to put Flower upon an altered course, emphasizing expanded control as a vehicle to spread the influence of its organizations, rather than introspective self-improvement of only its own White Lily settlement. This action is intended to widen magi leadership over uninitiated commoners for the best interests of everyone involved.

Founding-City Name
White Lily

City Location
White Lily is on the Isle of June

Leaders - Level 2 General; Alex Tojo-Pat
Holdings - Something???
Religion - Latent Magi
Military - something???
Other Characters
Level 2 General; Kashi Mojo
Level 1 Scholar; Dani Page
2x Level 2 Magi; Morgan Skye, Erin Pyrena

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