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Gorod Lyudi

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Gorod Lyudi

Gorod Lyudi Elm_zps4ebfe146

Faction colors: Gold, Green.

Military 1, Trade 1, Order 1, Intelligence 0, Religion 1, Industry 1, Magic 1

(1)When it comes to industry, few can beat the Lyudi. Hundreds of years of living as serfs under Noble Houses taught them to be resourceful.
The word "Maucgorv", to 'conjure a solution', is the appellation given to those who can craft an object or make a fix with the bare minimum of resources, often in a way that is surprising or that uses counter-intuitive techniques.
Bonus to PP per population.

(2)The Augorod Kolher is perhaps one of the oldest institutions in Gorod Lyudi, predating the Patriarchy itself. Across Lyudi territory, the irrigation canals have been refined over hundreds of years to keep crops growing in all weather conditions. They are very scaleable and even more durable, as they've been designed to withstand the marauding of rival Houses.

Theories of hydraulics and agriculture were the foundation of the intellectual movement, with monastic orders compiling records of building and agricultural techniques dating back centuries. The Patriarchy itself has roots an ancient guild that once repaired aqueducts and ran mills and granaries.
All squares produce extra food.

Religion: Brotean

Government: Reformed Feudal State
Historically a land of serfs and lords, reforms backed by the Patriarch and the Church have since changed the nation. Land once held by the Patriarch and his immediate family has been ceded to peasants, and a new middle class has arisen. Nobles who once opposed the reforms have softened their opposition thanks to the influence of the Church and the wealth that trade has brought them.

Leader: Patriarch Alan Gurot, Level 2 Governor.

The modern Patriarch is from a cadet branch of nobility, which historically indicates a ruler with little authority. The reforms have unintentionally changed that, giving a leader with a brilliant organizational mind like Alan the ability to play the Church, Nobility, and Traders off each other for his own gain. Rather than ruling through royal power alone, Patriarch Gurot has cultivated a complex web of backroom deals, favors, and secrets that reach through nearly every level of Gorod society.

His relationship with the military is much more complicated. Each Noble House recruits its own standing army. In turn, the Patriarchy draws troops from those armies to form an elite force of three divisions. The history of Gorod Lyudi is an intricate tapestry of internecine wars and border clashes, to say nothing of the coup attempts. The eventual fix was the Academy, where all officers were trained together.

In the years past, he has taken to spending long nights on the roof of his stronghold, staring off into the distance and writing upon endless reams of scrolls. Whether the habit draws from prayer or melancholy is a subject of much gossip in the royal court.

General Mirsky - Level 1 General
Duke Valents - Level 1 Trader
Lord Ophal Eicese - Level 1 Governor
Bishop Kelab - Level 1 Priest
Reader Troponin - Level 1 Scholar
Thaumaturge Brodin Level 1 Magi

Gorod Aeloph. [1]
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