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The Tausian Coalition

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1The Tausian Coalition Empty The Tausian Coalition on Sun Sep 23, 2012 4:36 am


Quick summary: In any case, the TC are some settlers on Hyginus Island who are primarily farmers and craftsmen. Varied religion, low military strength, high trade skills, high tech skills, low magic, levees are boss, blablabla. They do, however, have a surprising understanding of technology. Now to the numbers!


Colors: Gold/White and Black



Faction Specials

1. As generally good-natured, simple people, the Tausian are lawful and orderly. +1 to Law across all cities

2. The Tau have built their society on trade and diplomacy, not conquests. +1 to Trade in all cities.



Air Force

Faction government-Socialist Democracy

The Tausian are fair and kind people, preferring simple morals to complex policies. A council is elected every two years and convenes every week on matters of importance, which are generally resolved quickly. Each city has its own--once there are at least 2 cities, one city will have a larger group that presides over the entire nation. Most Tau will lend a helping hand when it is needed, so the government is structured accordingly--to serve its people.

Long ass origin tale: The Tausian Coalition was formed by a group of farmers of various background on the northeastern side of Hyginus Island. They are simple people who work the potter's wheel, the blacksmith's forge, and the shepherd's flock. Banding together to fight off any attack, the Tau have developed remarkable technological advancements in their time. They can build rudimentary bridges, complex buildings, oil or coal powered automatons, etc. etc. The government is always fairly elected through democracy, and they stand for the morals of most of the Tau; kindness, honesty, helpfulness, and acceptance. The seal of the Council are two hands locked in a tight clasp. This represents the bond between all Tau. Young or old, smart or dumb, lame or deaf, there is a helping hand in the Tau. They are of all different religions, but there is no animosity. At least, among the people. The gods tend to bicker and argue a bit more. As in, not all prayers are answered. The Tau also lack a whole lot of mages. There are a few, but most practice away from the town so not to blow anything up. However, to make up for this, there are plenty of well-learned machinists and engineers.

Player Character
-As there is no one ruler of the council, I assume the role of Executor, who makes all the final decisions and is the most trusted man in any land. At this time, I'll steal from ME and make him Executor Pallin because Pallin is boss. He is a Level 2 Governor

Level 2 General Roland
Level 1 Governor Salvador
2 X Level 1 Traders, Zero and Axton
Level 1 Priestess, Lilith "the Firehawk"
Level 1 Scholar Mordecai
Level 1 Magi Maya

Executor Pallin is rather gruff, but he gets things done around the city, keeps everyone happy, and was once a soldier, so he knows the tactics of the military. He was born in Meruku, and has lived here ever since. However, in his younger days, he was quite an adventurer, and sought out lands to the east and north. This has taught him many things, and he has always stayed true to his Tau origins. He does not partake in any religion himself, but does approve of them as a unifying aspect. He prefers simplicity and blacks and whites in his life. As such, the Tau have been very orderly, clean, efficient, and happy under his rule.

Meruku is located at 192, 865 on the north east section of Hyginus Island.


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