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The Sapphire Palace

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1The Sapphire Palace Empty The Sapphire Palace on Fri Sep 28, 2012 1:09 am

The grand home of the One true emperor sits on a small incline on the eastern edge of Dragon Island. The Imperial Gardens come before it stretching around the structure and towards the city. The Building itself rivals Castle Severus in the center of the city in size. It is a Multi-storied Rectangular Pagota where its longest sides run North to South. Three towers rise from its central base in a line, the Central being the tallest. All three towers are of a Triangular design the lower levels being larger than the higher ones and on each roof the color is a deep sapphire blue. A vast twin lake stretches perpendicular to the two outer towers towards the entrance of the gardens. The Pathing is Marble and is lined with Greco-Roman styled Columns. Inside the Palace the interior is very humble. The First floor houses the Barracks and other such necessities while the outer towers house the guest quarters. The Second Floor is home to the Imperator Kanji Shia and the Council Chamber where Diplomacy is held. The Central tower is the home of the Emperor, All access is forbidden unless otherwise specified by his grace.

The Shiran Foreign Policy as Dictated by Kanji Shia states all Requests and audiences to foreign powers must be heard in front of the Full Imperial Council and presided over by Kanji himself or the Emperor.

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