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Divine Spells have four casting requirements:
Priest Level - Determines the max level of divine spell that may be cast.
Temple Level - Determines the number of divine spells that may be cast.
Population - A minimum population will be defined for each Divine spell.
PP - Casting a Divine Spell requires PP equal to the level of the spell.

Each priest may only cast a single spell each cycle. They are limited to casting spells that are within their level range (a level 2 priest can cast level 0 to level 2 spells). The level of the holding is the max level of spells that may be cast by all priests inside a city, so a level 6 temple could support 3 level 2 spells each cycle.

The level as well as the required population of a spell is determined by the GM's and is based on the overall power and utility of the spell.

Example Divine Spells:

Level - 2
Population - Half of that of target population.

Through priest-led prayer to the goddess Meirana, the afflictions of the target populace will be lifted.

Removes illness/disease/plague from the target populace

Summon Avatar
Level - 4
Population - 40

With the faith of all believers and the self sacrifice of a Grand Priest, an Avatar of the god of fire is summoned.

Sacrifices a Level 4 Priest to summon an Avatar of the Fire God for four cycles at the location of the former priest. The Avatar is a unit under the control of the summoning faction.

Realm Spells have four casting requirements:
Magi Level - Determines the max number of active Magi a city can have.*
Magic Academy Level - Determines the number of Realm spells that may be cast.
Mana Crystals - Higher level and more complex spells will consume a number of mana crystals on cast.
Drav - Casting a Realm Spell requires Drav equal to twice the level of the spell.
*Magi must be assigned to a city to cast realm spells

Each Magi may cast up to their level in spell levels, but no more spells than half of their current level; a level 4 magi can cast at max two spells and can cast up to 4 spell levels of spells in a single cycle. The level of the Magic Academy holding is equivalent to the max amount of Magi that can be active in a city.

The level of a Realm Spell and number of mana crystals required will be determined by the GM's.

List of Basic Realm Spells:

Minor Dispel
Level - 0
Mana Crystals - 0

Removes the effects of a Level 1 or 0 spell the cycle they are applied.

Azral's Binding
Level - 0
Mana Crystals - 0

Targeted Unit of Willpower less than two is incapable of moving for one cycle.

Level - 0
Mana Crystals - 0

Targeted non-mechanical unit is granted 1.5x movement for one cycle.

Major Dispel
Level - 1
Mana Crystals - 0

Removes the effects of a level 2 or lower spell the cycle they are applied.

Level - 1
Mana Crystals - 0

Prevents entry into a zone 20 pixels in diameter on the world map. Units and resources and still flow out of the zone, but not into it (with the exception of food).

Maki's Ascent
Level - 1
Mana Crystals - 1

Grants a unit flying for one cycle.

Level - 2
Mana Crystals - 1

Targeted city produces half the normal amount of PP until dispelled.

Bentosi Rending
Level - 2
Mana Crystals - 0

Targeted unit of less than two willpower is destroyed.

Level - 3
Mana Crystals - Variable

1 Mana Crystal - Is capable of destroying a settlement or fortification
2 Mana Crystals - Is capable of lowering the level of a target city's holding(specified) by 1

Only a single effect may be chosen.

Level - 3
Mana Crystals - 1

Target Magi is incapable of casting spells for one Cycle.

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