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Religions in Industry and magic are the exercise of divine magic. Divine magic is powered (or drawn?) by prayers. It is unknown where these prayers go, if there is a correct form of prayer, or how they affect anything the outcome, other than causing something to happen. Due to this, several religions have formed

Religious Factions

Brotean Orders - Broteans believe that there is a single deity. Though the exact description differs between sub-groups, their deity is either a healer, a warrior, or a yin-yang-esque combination. They also believe in an entity they call 'the antagonist' enemy to all mankind. Brotean groups are both militaristic and monastic. They will seek patronage from cities, defend travelers around their patrons cities. Their prayer effects are the most powerful, but the most uncontrollable. They dislike the Magi and are enemies with the Di'etians, and are varied to the Divisionists.
Example Prayer effect: Temporary invincibility to armies, immediately ending a disaster

Divisionist Sects- Divisionist is a catch-all term for the polytheistic sects. The various deities of these sects are single-issue, such as a war god, a love god, or a blood god. Their prayer effects are more focused, but lack variety. The Squidies are considered Divisionist, as they don't publicly discount the existence of other gods.

Di'etians-The principal deity of the Di'etians, CveptBa, is the one the Broteans call the antagonist. The Di'etians position is that CveptBa would leave Iniam alone if the Broteans would stop antagonizing it. They therefore work to counter the Broteans and appease CveptBa. This understanding of the more incompatible super-natural elements allows them to harness those powers to their bidding, rather than destroy them as the Broteans do. Their prayer effects are less powerful than Divisionist or Broteans but more powerful than Magi, and are always detrimental to the target. They are enemies to the Broteans, dislike the magi, and varied to the Divisionists.
Example Prayer effect: Killing an enemy unit, causing a small disaster to occur

Latent Magi-
This group claims they aren't a religion, but an inadequately explored field of magic. They believe that there is no conscious deity(s), and that the prayer=effect dynamic is the utilization of the latent arcane talent of people uninitiated into proper magic. Because of this, they have a much greater control over the effects of their divine magic than the other groups, but whether due to ignoring the god(s) or their primary practitioners being drained from regular magic use, their prayer effects are far less potent.
Disliked by the other three groups, but enemies with none.
Example Prayer effect:(note that these Prayer Effects can be played at the player's whim) small boost to productivity, assassinating enemy commanders

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